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Oak Brook and Oak Trees

Oak Brook is named after the thousands of oak trees in the Village. It's also
the headquarters of Ace Hardware, Elkay, Hub Group, Lions Clubs International, McDonald's, The Duchossois Group, best known as manufacturers of Chamberlain
garage door openers, and many other well known corporations. It's also where
Sheer Graphics owners are fortunate to live.

Good News: Oak trees are not used for paper manufacturing. Wood pulp comes from softwood trees such as spruce, pine, fir, larch and hemlock, and hardwoods such as eucalyptus, aspen and birch. The video below shows how paper is manufactured.

Sheer Graphics is proud to use Forest Stewardship Council, FSC®, approved papers for most of its products.

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Just 1/2 mile South of Oak Brook and we ship to all 50 states !

Trees absorb carbon and produce oxygen. They do NOT add carbon.
Huge amounts of power are consumed when large Internet facilities keep their buildings cool.
They ADD carbon to the atmosphere.

Success Stories , Environmentally Sound Practices , or Go Paper…Grow Trees

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